Best Android Launchers 2017 To Revamp Your HomeScreen


Google Play Store is the home for millions of Android apps and games. You can locate too many apps for a particular category, if you were looking to customize home screen, you might have faced a plethora of home screen replacement apps.

But one thing remains pathetic; introducing cool Android launchers leave adverse effect in battery backup. After all, battery saving apps could help you to get out of this situation. But, what if you have some best Android launchers that don’t drain the battery and provides you the ample customization room?  That isn’t too shabby.  Suppose, if you have iPhone launchers, you can bring the iOS user interface and icon style on Android.

We are listing some of the home screen replacement or best Android launchers 2017. Let’s Dive In!

List Of Fastest Android Launchers 2017

1. Nova

Nova Launcher was developed by TeslaCoil Software, one of the pioneers to design the full-fledged home screen launcher. It has dozens of features for optimum performance, and it doesn’t lack in the look. The free version lacks core customization features, but Prime make the way easier. It also helps you to customise Android lock screen without any hassles. Best part, if you dig deep you’ll find some cool yet appealing nova launcher themes & icon packs, to use its full potential you have to make use of it.

Nova stands out in the host of Android launchers. It changes the user interface (UI), home screen, icons packages, app drawers, animation with one-click. Further, it has more room to handle any widgets including full-sized android clock widgets. Do check some of the cool nova launcher tips & tricks to enhance the customisability.

  • Custom grid options.
  • Easily scrollable docks.
  • Infinite scroll.
  • Fantastic scroll effect.
  • Distinct folder icons.
  • Hide apps within the drawer.
  • Easy backup/restore feature.

2. Apex

Being the opponent of Nova, Apex Launcher takes the Android customization to the next level. It delivers exactly same as Nova, with slight modifications. It is available in two formats, Free and paid. If you are a regular user, go with free If are a power user, I recommend to choose the pro version. If you could align with any Google Pixel launcher or icon pack apps you are ready to move to the Android Nougat experience.

Being the homescreen replacement app, you can customize the grid size, equipped with scrollable docks. Apart from that, you’ll also get the two types of scrolling effect, infinite and elastic scrolling. Overall, everything remains professional; you can customize folders, icons, transition effects and others.

  • Customizable grid and homescreen size.
  • Scrollable docks.
  • Infinite and elastic scrolling.
  • Folder and app icon customization.
  • Great transitional effects.
  • Sortable app drawer.
  • Smooth homescreen gestures.
  • Backup and restore

3. Google Now

Google Now will be discontinued from the Play Store, we have already covered some of the alternative Google Now launcher, make sure you check it out. It will be replaced with Google Pixel launcher shortly.

Many things were changed in the Android, but one thing remains unchanged, it is Google now launcher. It is one of the practical smartphone companions from big G, which is the default launcher. You’ll also get the Google Now, Android personal assistant, that comes with this stock – android launcher. Moreover, it provides the pure Android experience which is its heart rendering feature.

  • One of the best launcher app with the tremendous reputation in the play store.
  • Updated on the frequently to get rid of bugs.
  • Google voice search is integrated for smooth surfing.
  • Fast and reliable launcher for Android smartphones.
  • You’ll get more traditional widgets.

4.Action Launcher

Action Launcher is adventurous launcher equipped with tons of features to work on. Though it is the highly customizable launcher, you’ll get some unique features which will be cornerstone feature of Action. The simple and intuitive user interface makes it ample for production, by the way, you can customize as per your needs.

However, we have noticed that this launcher needs some great rendering smartphone (a.k.a good processor + ample RAM). Apart from that, quick drawer and quick bar is something unique with this beast.

  • Quickdrawer and Quickbar.
  • Covers and Shutters.
  • Change themes instantly with a Quick theme.
  • Fastest scrollable docks over other launchers.
  • Infinite and elastic scrolling for smooth control.
  • Easy back/restore supported.

5. C Launcher

If you are budget Android phone user, then C launcher makes your day more charming. It makes use of the indigenous mobile resource for the optimum look and copious performance. It can even run in the low-end smartphone so that it would be a mid-rangers launcher.

The large and winsome icons, alluring transition effect, makes it best. You can personalize icons, themes, docks, scroll types, grid size and much more.

  • Personalize your home screen is easy with this app.
  • Glowing themes and HD wallpapers are the main attractions.
  • Booster center features are untaken.
  • Nine distinct characteristic effects.
  • Tons of rehash features are included.

6. Launcher 8

If you are fond of Windows phone, unfortunately, you can’t afford for a smartphone. Then Launcher 8 comes handy; it is one of the Windows launcher. It will bring you the tiles menu that resembles the Windows OS if you were an Android user it sounds awkward. Once you started using, you’ll fit into the gap.

It changes the homescreen, icon size & style, and transition effect. It would be a refreshing homescreen replacement app if you were fed up with the long-established launchers. If you are confused then check out our comparison between Android vs Windows post to get more insight.

  • Pure Windows experience without being annoy.
  • Mind-Blowing transitions and home screen.
  • Customizable app icons and drawer.
  • Tiles on the home screen are the center of attraction.
  • Other unusual features are hidden here.
  • Upgrade for Pro to get most out of it.

7. Go Launcher Ex

Go Launcher Ex is the standard launcher that deserves the sweet spot. It supports the vast variety of features to transform your Android phone into a strange yet aesthetic piece. You’ll find a broad range of exclusive widgets and themes; that makes you as a ravishing fan.

You can get tons of personalizing capability, but it even has some demerits apart from its merits. The traditional advertisement makes it a setback. At some extent, you’ll see the sponsored apps or bloatware. Do check some of the Go launcher Ex themes and icon packs to ramp up the process of customizing your smartphone.

  • You can quickly mutate app drawer.
  • Sort apps by Type, date, and frequency of use.
  • Infinite scrolling for the mobile experience.
  • Widgets like weather, clock, and calendar widgets are packed.
  • Astonishing transition effects.
  • Best performance with the minimal battery use.

8. Buzz Launcher

If you need something wired or anything that would replace the classic homescreen theme, then Buzz Launcher would be the way-to-go solution.The spin style homescreen drawer is the core feature; we bet you are going to love this.

It is innovative, unique, and something out of the box. Apart from the graphic UI it delivers, you will also be amazed at its speed and response of the launcher. After creating a buzz in the Android arena, it makes perfect sense to pick this one.

  • Multiple HD wallpapers screens supported.
  • Easily to edit and resize the icon structure.
  • Customizable folders in home screen/drawer.
  • A full range of gestures is supported.
  • Multiple grids with up to 12*12.

9. Everything Me

Everything Me is another great player in the Android launcher industry. It unleashes the power of Android customization, which provides you the bumper space to personalize your smartphone. Undoubtedly, it worth the installation.

Everything Me launcher provides the insane android customization without any doubt. With its advanced search option, you can be unstoppable. More features like Quick contact, Prediction bar (Awesome) more are coming out of the box.

  • Sophisticated and upgraded search.
  • Quick contacts enabled.
  • Packed with prediction bar.
  • Personalized home screen.
  • Equipped with context bar for insane productivity.
  • Smart folders (Apps are auto-arranged as per your interest)
  • Search phone for the fastest response.

10. Line (Formerly Dodol)

If you were familiar with the apps like Whatsapp, you’ll know the Line Messenger. They moved a step forward, to high-jump to launch their first Android launcher. Formerly, it is known as Dodol; now it is rebranded as Line Launcher.

It is not bad looking launcher for Android which is packed with some cool features. Although is it graphically intensive, you won’t notice any sluggish experience. Well, that why it is called as the fastest Android Launcher till date.

  • This launcher comes with memory booster and battery saver options.
  • Traditional line characters/stickers are assessable.
  • Over 3000+ themes that are free to reach.
  • Advance “Comprehensive Search”.
  • High customizable Homescreen/app drawer.
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